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Top 3 Royalty Free Photography Websites

This is the ‘Top 3 Royalty Free Photography Websites’ post for business owners running their own social media or designers.

Helpful tip esp for beginner designers, using copyrighted can at times get you into legal issues. Especially if you end up making lots of money from that material so it is always important to watch your own back and use copyright free imagery, fonts etc. for your work.

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SAM BELTop 3 Royalty Free Photography Websites

TCP: Episode 9 ‘You Need A Website, Now What’

This episode of The Connect speaks on your actual options for starting a website in 2017. The pros and cons of cheaper alternatives to webdesign. Plus a quick note on the trending hashtag of the day #BeforeTheInternetExisted.

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SAM BELTCP: Episode 9 ‘You Need A Website, Now What’

Return Authenticity to Your Branding

Lets face it, we are continually bombarded with thousands of paid commercials daily. Usually over produced and highly expensive. If you’re a small brand on the come up it might seem like you are falling short. Yet times have changed and this abundance of commercial promotion has come to a stand still. It’s time for the return of authenticity in branding. Here are a few ways to bring the humane touch back to your promos.

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SAM BELReturn Authenticity to Your Branding

7 Reasons Etsy Owners Rock

As an Etsy shop owner you are already one of a kind. You’ve decided to take a seize the day approach to creativity! We admire your independence, innovation and free spirit so here are our 7 reasons why you rock as an Etsy owner!

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SAM BEL7 Reasons Etsy Owners Rock

3 Tips on Becoming a Graphic Designer

As a kid from Queens growing up you’re expected to succeed. This is the city to do it, so the journey begins early, asking for your work permit at age 14. Before you know it you’re helping a friend as a Marketing Director at their Start-up (before Start-ups were ‘start-ups’).

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SAM BEL3 Tips on Becoming a Graphic Designer

3 Reasons to Become a Trend Watcher

Trends are an almost magical wave of excitement or interest that gets placed into a certain idea, item, piece of created content or other object. A trend can be a massive interest in a genre of music or certain designers vision for clothing that gets transcended into a pop-culture icon of the times. Chokers, Mac fever and Nike Jordan’s all fit this category of establishing a brand that produces trends, or attach themselves to one in order to find long-term profitability and brand momentum. In this blog post we’ll be discussing what a trend is, how to spot it and how to benefit from it.

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SAM BEL3 Reasons to Become a Trend Watcher