Top 3 Royalty Free Photography Websites

This is the ‘Top 3 Royalty Free Photography Websites’ post for business owners running their own social media or designers.

Helpful tip esp for beginner designers, using copyrighted can at times get you into legal issues. Especially if you end up making lots of money from that material so it is always important to watch your own back and use copyright free imagery, fonts etc. for your work.

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SAM BELTop 3 Royalty Free Photography Websites

Open Letter to All Creatives

Dear Creative,

I, like you are living this artistic life in every sense of the word. We wake up in the morning pushing ourselves to the max only to find either little awknowledgement or satisfaction but we move forward still. As Creatives we can sense themes, shifts in energy or overall feeling since that is what we must convey in our art, emotion.

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SAM BELOpen Letter to All Creatives

Quickcast #4

In this quickcast I discuss a few updates. I also explain why I enjoy the new shop so much and the ability to work my digital design into physical goods.

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SAM BELQuickcast #4

Quickcast #3

In this quickcast I discuss the new content creation schedule. I touch base on future plans for The Connect with SAM BEL podcast, the Quickcast, the SAMBELCO Designing Live and SAMBELCO IRL stream.

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SAM BELQuickcast #3

Quickcast #2

This episode goes over a few new things happening in the SAMBELCO world. I discuss the how technology is affecting our ways of connecting; while questioning is there something more than the idea of live?

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SAM BELQuickcast #2