Meet the Call of Duty WWII Theme Song Composer

More than FPS

This chapter of the franchise is somehow more humane than the past Call of Duty titles. The critically demolished release of Infinite Warfare felt like your cell phones were fighting each other and you were just there listening to Spotify. You really didn’t feel connected to any of the characters or avatars chosen.

But this is not a game review, this article is about the theme music.

That opening sequence that haunts your family and friends as they live with a CoD addicted individual like yourself. They love you enough to deal with the tin-tin-tin-tin-tin-tin jams from Black Ops I.

That makes you a horrible person but also a true fan!

Gaming Mozart

So meet the man responsible for the latest theme song, Wilbert Roget II the composer behind the music. He recently did an interview with Forbes magazine discussing how this project all came to be.

After bouncing around for years within Lucas related companies that worked on various Star Wars gaming titles, the opportunity presented itself to create this masterpiece. WRII seized the moment and like most creatives, humbly, sent in a demo.

“It’s not a game about super-soldiers,” he says in the interview. “The characters are real people placed in a horrific situation. So I felt particularly lucky to have the opportunity to write some more contemplative and emotional pieces for the game, tracks like “Home” and “Berga” which examine the human side of war, its complicated effect on the characters as individuals, and the inconceivable horrors of this setting.”

The fact that this took place in our history is horrifying and teaches us a valuable lesson, war sucks.

The song however captures this well and transcends these futuristic themes we see all too often in games. Bringing you back to a much more complicated time. The gaming also reflects this as Call of Duty WWII brings it back to basics. You’re lucky you get that 4X scope you spoiled brat.

Either way you can read the full article here. If you’d like to see what really went down during that time, educate yourself bruv and go here! Adios!

SAM BELMeet the Call of Duty WWII Theme Song Composer