Designing Live! on Twitch and YouTube Mon-Thurs at 11pm EST.

I’m an experienced Graphic Designer from NYC. I have more than 10+ years in digital design, working with startups, recording studios and fashion labels. I am hoping to improve peoples lives by allowing them to better customize their modern world.

My introduction to the creative industry began with an attempted web design startup in Brooklyn.

I was working almost exclusively with street-wear fashion brands. From getting them established on the web, to design and production.

At that time I learned Photoshop adding to my growing interest in WordPress as a content managed system.

A Younger SAM BEL in Queens, NY.

Eventually, I found my way into a marketing agency where I would establish myself as a Senior Interactive Designer.

After noticing that the path of the modern designer seemed great in the short term but not so in the long term. Half a decade later, I went freelance.

The reality is along the way I made great friends, but also many missteps. Looking back and trying to learn from those great people have all been valuable lessons to me.

This knowledge learned has allowed me to keep grounded and focused on developing my craft in every way.

My success is their success.

I’ve designed over 140+ websites for small businesses.Yet nothing compares to my Designing! Live Twitch and YouTube show.

People can tune-in and watch the creation of these one-of-a-kind pieces. Gathering the organic supporting of niche communities though social media is the brands main source of marketing.

Now with over 40+ pieces in the e-commerce shop. The mission is to continue provide unique art and other digital services. In hopes of improving  peoples lives by allowing them to better customize their modern world.

Thanks for being part of the journey!

SAM BELOrigins