6 Ways to Amplify Your Etsy Shop

As an Etsy owner, you know that standing out from the crowd is key. Sure you have the best products in your niche and your competition has got you underestimated – but surely a few tips & tricks won’t hurt. Now you’re wondering what could this blog tell me that I don’t know already, especially since I’m a seasoned Etsy expert. Well from a digital design perspective everything changes, it opens new ways to reach and engage customers you never thoughts you would. So let’s begin with our 10 Ways to Amplify Your Etsy Shop.

Find an Amazing Product Photographer

To some, this might be obvious. Yet to others it’s a way of letting a professional use their expertise to enhance your brand in the process. You can see some amazing results with brand new product photography. Now keep in mind not any photographer would do, so be sure to check portfolios and see if that specific photography has a style that suits your brand.

Create Custom Product Graphics

You may already have a few product shots available for a certain item in your Etsy shop, that’s great. However for a quick moment just imagine customizing each product image with graphic design elements like your brand logo and seal of quality. This would improve your visual worth in front of prospective clients as well as reflect a sense of quality.

Keep Typography Legible

When putting together graphic design elements for your Etsy shop be sure to ensure legibility. Using clean, simple design can allow your product to be the star of the show. In turn, putting your customer’s attention to your item and nothing else.

Find Interactive Ways to Attract New Customers

Creating content is a great way to attract new customers to your Etsy shop outside the website. By creating videos or reviews of products for your Etsy items you can engage with customers on a new level. Utilizing social tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube make creating content more valuable than ever before.

Support Other Etsy Shops

The universe provides back to those that give! By supporting other Etsy shops you can find you may make a few valuable connections. Always be sure to show the equal amount of support you would like to see towards your brand and put some of that all-around positive energy into another. This way your brand will become synonymous with acceptance.

Have a Pro Handle Your Product Descriptions

There are some absolutely amazing writers who really do have a natural talent for creating content. Allow the Pros to do what they do best and commission an up and coming writer or find a freelance writer who specializes in product descriptions. This will bring an outside perspective to your descriptions and better insight as to your preferred marketing tone.

This may seem like a lot of information but its meant to be a short guide to amplifying your Etsy shop. We applied our digital design and creative direction insights to create this list so please feel free to share!

Sam Bel6 Ways to Amplify Your Etsy Shop