3 Reasons to Become a Trend Watcher

Trends are an almost magical wave of excitement or interest that gets placed into a certain idea, item, piece of created content or another object. A trend can be a massive interest in a genre of music or certain designers vision for clothing that gets transcended into a pop-culture icon of the times. Chokers, Mac fever and Nike Jordan’s all fit this category of establishing a brand that produces trends, or attach themselves to one in order to find long-term profitability and brand momentum. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing what a trend is, how to spot it and how to benefit from it.

Trends Are a Part of Human Evolution

The way a new product or piece of content reaches the masses is what we pay most attention to here at SAM BEL. This natural evolutionary process in which something new or modified in a distinct way gets introduced to society, in today’s world through the internet. Yet the real question isn’t what a trend is but how effective is has it been for certain products? Even the bad ones. For example cigarettes and big tobacco. Industries still finding their profits from massive amounts of now, almost laughable, marketing that connected their product with the Women’s Liberation Movement. Making cigarettes no longer a discussion of health, but a matter of exercising freedoms; now buy these cigarettes to show the world how ‘free’ you truly are.

Trends Make Ordinary Products, Iconic

Think of our nations car industry during its prime, 1970’s. Muscle cars were cheap, loud, fast and plentiful. Costing little to make and providing the average working American the ability to bring automotive technology only kept for the wealthy back to Main Street, the same place where the cars were built. Made in America sold to hard-working Americans. However, not every creation by Ford or any automotive conglomerate was a hit. However one car came to mind when Ford was mentioned, that’s right, the Mustang. What made this automotive work sell was marketing, coining the Mustang as the rebels ride of choice. With countless magazine covers and movie features, the iconic economic American muscle care found its way into our cultural identity. Now inseparable from the idea of what is American culture, solidifying its purpose in our society for ages to come. This is the power that can be found in trends, wouldn’t you want to discover how you could benefit as well?

The Internet is Built from Trends and Habits

Being creatures of the internet, we can say its has molded its way in the way we adapt and engage technology, almost naturally. The internet was a creation of human ingenuity and sharing information, therefore it has the ability to adapt, naturally. This gives the internet the power of being a concept, constantly modeling itself around our needs, our behaviors and even our deepest fears. The power of the internet is found in how much information we truly want to have access to, as human being we need information, communication, and adaptation to survive. With the internet so much of those core principles of survival are found its not a question of how you’re using the internet, but how we’re evolving. We can learn so much about the industries we are passionate by tapping into the ways we have adapted our new survival with the internet. With insight into online behavior, web technology and understanding of your own brand/business the possibilities are endless.

The take away should be that being more aware of trends can lead to a better overall understanding the world around us. In turn, providing you with insight that will prove to be timeless and profitable for years to come.


Sam Bel3 Reasons to Become a Trend Watcher