3 Tips on Becoming a Graphic Designer

As a kid from Queens growing up you’re expected to succeed. This is the city to do it, so the journey begins early, asking for your work permit at age 14. Before you know it you’re helping a friend as a Marketing Director at their Start-up (before Start-ups were ‘start-ups’).

Ask Someone You Respect for Advice

You find your self-choosing Photoshop over spray paint but you ask someone who also made the leap, who better than the owner of the Mecca of New York City’s graffiti scene. If you don’t know his name you should find it and remember it. Back when MySpace was the portal for artists, I messaged Meres One, respectfully, the founder of 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center, Inc. and curator everything real to me at the time. He was kind enough to respond back to me about my questions regarding beginning in the Graphic Design world, how he started his clothing line, everything down to the programs I needed to learn and a strategy. It really shook me up having such a respected member of the graffiti community in New York, in Queens at the Mecca of it all. It was enough to propel me forward for a long, long while. The advice I received that day was golden and worth so much, if you find your own inspiration in someone, reach out them. If you do get a response, it’ll develop your perspective.

Start With Whats Freely Available

Simply put the best way to begin is by sitting down, downloading any free photo editing software available. Emphasis on FREE! So you can get your ‘feet wet’. You might be saying, ‘I don’t have the attention span to sit there for 4 hours working on one project’. What you should do then, is make a project of your own. Google image search a white plan t-shirt image and paste it into your image editing software. Then get started! Add images, color, anything you elements you can to your new artwork. This way you’re bringing your creativity to your work, not hoping for something to happen, or fearful of the results.

Always Make Friends

As artists we tend to, let’s be frank – shut people out. Especially as Social Media becomes nearly unavoidable. However this shouldn’t be a bad thing, you should use Social Media to your advantage and gather a group of friends who really believe in your work. Or more importantly, share similar interests. This is the best way to build a community not only based on you but more just a group of online friends who truly care for each other’s creative journey. You also want to be friendly to people you meet or encounter during everyday life, or when you’re on your everyday journeys. Business cards a great, sure, but nothing beats a great conversation and a confident attitude. Let your personality shine and don’t fret over sour results, this a process you will get better at over time!

Well, I hope these few tips help any new designer, coming up in the game and beginning to let their creativity be showcased to the world.

Happy brainstorming!

Sam Bel3 Tips on Becoming a Graphic Designer