5 Things I Learned from Starting a Design Business

Treat Your Clients Like Your BFF

No one is more important than someone that trust’s you to handle service for them and give you their hard-earned money to do so.

So treat your clients like your greatest friends, because honestly more supportive then the one kid you’ve known from HS sending vape memes in your group chat.

Start New Conversations Now

The only thing I know leads to landing more gigs, is to reach out to more people. Being a night owl and sometimes antisocial creature I do make this challenging.

However, I try to do keep in touch anyway I can. To at least let people know I am around and ready to work.

So start conversations often and early, because these hopeful business discussions may take time to come to fruition.

Good Things Take Time

When I say this, I don’t mean in the sense of knocking out one the infinite to-do lists you might be creating for your business.

What I do mean is sometimes gaining perspective, or a vision of what you’re next move might be might take longer than expected. Be sure to prepare for the long-term game. It’s not a race it’s a long, long, marathon if you’re lucky.

Stay Positive, No Seriously

This may sound cheesy, but it’s true. You have to stay positive because sometimes others will not see what you see.

They aren’t with you at all hours of the day, so they may not see the amount of work you place into your business.

Do not fret, it’s fine but know that sometimes you will be stuck at home and not out on the weekend.

That may drive you mad for a while, but realize that’s it’s OK. Friday Night Open Mic will be fine without you throwing your beer at the stage and fighting with your horrible friends.

Working out those customization’s on your checkout forms might be worth the sacrifice. When the money is scarce, a positive mind might be your only hope.

Trust Your Training

If you really enjoy what you do and decide to offer that to the world. Then chances are you’ve done your homework and with endless hours of practice, you’re something of a pro.

When finding new gigs, or making new business connections sometimes fear takes over. It’s important to just trust that you’ve been doing.

At this point, it should be second nature to do your thing. So even if you’re second guessing yourself kick your mind into auto-pilot and do what it’s been trained to do!

Trust yourself and get the job done!

I know some of these lessons might seem cliche or even too simple to work but ask other business owners, its true.

Hang in there!

Sam Bel5 Things I Learned from Starting a Design Business