5 Ways to Get Google to Rank Your Website in 2018

Times have changed from the old ways of the sometimes shady SEO business. You can no longer allowed stuff keywords into parts of your website, a good thing. So with hours of research, I can confidently tell you what it takes to rank your website in Google in 2018 from ton’s of white papers and research I’ve done. (Also how tough it can be.)

Create a Great Looking Website

Google now boosts your ranking depending on how clear and legible the information on your website is.

It’s not to say you won’t find that plumber who has hired an SEO agency to keep that un-responsive site at number one. But overall, Google now prefers these great looking websites because it’s more helpful for the reader.

This might not make sense at first but keep in mind that it’s more a matter of providing a wholesome experience for users of the search engine.

Display Actually Helpful Information

For years it was common practice to post near gibberish packed with keywords for the sake of ranking and for sometime it worked for people.

So much so that Google had to rethink how that ranked things.

It also doesn’t matter how long an article or blog post might be as long as it has the right information in accordance to that term being searched. Photos, detailed steps, how-to’s that make people better understand the information being presented is like candy for Google. So when you are putting together posts be sure to keep that in mind. It’s tough for me as a creator at times to give a step by step guide to designing your own website without writing a book (which I ended up doing). But you should push yourself to pack your articles with links, photos and anything else you could use to give out helpful info.

Speak Like a Human Being, Yes a Real One

Another logical yet new requirement for being ranked by Google is speaking using casual vocabulary.

This is where I would insert images with search terms that don’t sound like someone would type in on a regular day.

Something like the complexities of development for web doesn’t sound as casual as web development when putting together page descriptions in your favorite SEO plugin.

Make your articles and blog posts friendly yet concise and packed with information anyone can understand, therefore making it helpful and Google will return the favor.

Pay an SEO Agency to Research Keywords

I can’t say that my time designing websites for an SEO agency was all that peachy but Google Ads works. If done right and appropriately. You need a strategy and to know your audience.

You have to realize who it is you are targeting and it has to make sense.

For example I see tons of graphic designers posting their work in graphic designer forums which makes no sense because other designers don’t need to hire other designers.

This lack of logic might seem obvious but again it took me a while to figure this out. So SEO agencies can be helpful if they care enough to do intense keyword research, test campaigns and push forward with strategies that work. (BTW I don’t work there anymore and this is not a plug for an SEO service, it’s just what I know.)

Make Good Content, Constantly

Again another obvious one yet much harder than you might think. Creating good content is possible, if done thoughtfully.

An IRL stream in Tokyo, YouTube videos that rock or blog posts that speak to your audience. However being consistent is what will get you followers, interactions, likes and ultimately Google will rank you for those things.

I know you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t need to read that I need to make good content, I know that” I’ve done the same. But it’s true take any travel account on Instagram or YouTube video star who engages with their audience.

It’s tough work, almost the majority of your marketing time spent, will be spent getting creative. It’s not enough to just post a coupon or deal to a small following, people don’t want to be flooded with sales pitches. What they want is content that makes them happy, that helps them discover something new or just pushes them to see the world differently.

So I hope this article helped. My pitch is for my web design service, which I really do enjoy doing, only because I feel like every business owner needs a site that reflects their daily grind. But my SEO advice comes from my half a decade working at an SEO agency and hours of research I’ve done myself. Signing up to those newsletters and free PDF offers all in hopes of finding the information I’ve just written above.

If there is four words to summarize this entire it’s make awesome stuff constantly.

Sam Bel5 Ways to Get Google to Rank Your Website in 2018