5 Ways to Revamp Your Facebook Page

We’ve all been there looking for ways to make our brand stand out. Facebook as you surely well know is a great platform to engage, a word used that sometimes doesn’t capture the complexity of establishing human relationships online.

The technology gathered in the Facebook platform allows us to communicate with prospective clients in a way other apps are surely following. Customers want to feel connected, want to see what is new with your company and want to be inspired themselves to do more. Digital design can achieve all these tasks mentioned, here are our 5 Ways to Revamp Your Facebook Brand Page with Digital Design.

Commission Custom Timeline Photos

Be sure you are creating original content when posting on your brand wall. Creating powerful imagery that symbolizes the true nature of your brand can go a long way. Take a step above the rest and invest in professional photography, this way all your content will have imagery that makes sense to you and your customers.

Commission Custom Cover Photos

Cover photos are the large banner area above your brand page. This can be used to showcase a large project or your favorite item in an artistic and professional way. We can’t stress it enough product photography goes a very long way.

Updates with Custom Images

Your timeline is filled with various offers, articles, images, and videos. It’s sometimes hard to judge which information deserves our attention the most. So when you have a moment of your client or customers time be sure to use it wisely. Updates using custom images allows a deeper insight as to how much you value the information you are sending across. Your content is only as important as you make it. A coupon along with custom digital design can go a long way.

Stick to Branding Guides

Be sure to stick to your brand’s colors, typography, and overall brand identity. Be true to your brand and find confidence in evolving your brands creative collateral. This way you have a recognizable aesthetic for returning customers while still giving you the self the creative avenue to develop and change.

Create High-Quality Digital Art the First Time

As you develop your brand and its creative collateral you’ll begin to notice that materials made before, have become a part of new projects. For example, a logo exported today could be the same logo you are uploading in countless presentations later or printed onto labels etc. So it’s best to invest in high-quality digital art the first time you commission work. This way all your future brands creative content will present a feeling of continuity and confidence towards your clients, both current and perspective.

Sam Bel5 Ways to Revamp Your Facebook Page