I’m Sam Bel a digital designer, web developer, and entrepreneur based in Elizabeth, NJ and New York City. I offer agency level digital growth services for independent business owners. I have more than 10+ years of experience in the industry; working mostly with lawyers, doctors, accountants, schools and recording studios. It’s my goal to provide exceptional customer service with every project I work on. I want to increase your ROI in data backed design. Let’s get to work on your next business idea!

My introduction to the industry began with a web design startup in Brooklyn.

I was working almost exclusively with street-wear fashion brands. From getting them established on the web, to design and production. At that time I learned Photoshop. Then discovered WordPress as a content managing system.

Eventually taking an offer at a marketing agency where I would establish myself as a Senior Interactive Designer. During that time I utilized my versatility as a designer, creating ad banners, t-shirts, logos, restaurant branding, mobile app UI/UX, web designs and print materials. Half a decade later, I went freelance. I’ve designed over 140+ websites for small businesses.

My ultimate goal is to help independent business owners get empowered through digital design.