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All in One WP Migration File Extension

You know before I usually go into these quick tutorials I like to make sure to give a disclaimer. If you are a bit uncertain about what you’re doing in WP there are plenty of talented developers, affordably priced and ready to help you with this. So please backup your website or get a pro if you’re a bit confused.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s talk WP migration.

  1. Let’s first identify which site you’ll be cloning as ‘Site A’ and the site you’re cloning as ‘Site B’.
  2. Sign in to the dashboard of ‘Site A’ then search and install ‘All-in-One WP Migration’.
  3. Go to the sidebar of ‘Site A’ and find the ‘All-in-One WP Migration’ plugin and go to ‘export’.
  4. Export to a ‘file’ and let that download.
  5. Now go to the ‘Site B’ which is where you’ll be cloning the site to and install ‘All-in-One WP Migration’.
  6. Go to the sidebar of ‘Site B’ and find the ‘All-in-One WP Migration’ plugin and go to ‘import site’.
  7. Now you’ll also be installing a plugin called ‘All-in-One WP Migration File Extension’ this will make the migration plugin have a larger threshold and allow you to clone your entire site together. (Download here)
  8. Now you’ll back to ‘Site B’ and finish the installation.

That’s it, you’ll now have a duplicate version of your site working. Keep in mind if you have an SSL on the cloned site or ‘Site A’ in this case you will have to change your settings or reissue an SSL for your existing site.

Hope this helps!

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Sam Bel