Apple Aesthetic Against Google’s Functionality (The New Definition of UI)

Apple has recently found itself in a position the company hasn’t been in, in quite a while – second place. We’ll be discussing how Google’s catching up with Apple’s once top-notch design and UI.

Competition of Giants

Second place might not sound like a bad place to be but in Apple’s case, it’s unacceptable. In the past, Apple has been at the forefront of personal technology. From it’s iPhone’s to its ability to make a slighter larger version of a screen into a new standard. However, times do change and now Google is catching up. The question here is how? How did Google go from being that search engine your professor uses, into the force of UI and reliable functionality it is today?

UI (Really Matters Now)

UI is the most important thing you could design within an app or desktop website. The inability for a designer to develop an easy-to-use layout for your users to interact with could place the entire project in jeopardy. In Apple’s case, the company had excelled at UI design these for the past few years. With sharp icons, minimal shapes, and transparent backgrounds the overall look of the high-end yet friendly design was accomplished continually in these latest iOS upgrades. Ironically the use of these devices never required a UI Design, or rather depended on one so greatly. Does Apple have what it takes to take UI to the next level? We’re hopeful they will reach a new plateau until then we feel that Google will be taking advantage of any mishaps made by Apple.

Google’s Best (Don’t Awake the Beast)

In the past, Google has only been able to develop and connect its services as best as the web would allow. Now that technology has modernized and Google is at the forefront of capabilities in the sense of launching revolutionary projects. The realities of every device connecting to the web, TV’s included has taken Google’s direction of pure functionality to really shin. Google has become a way to identify dependability, quality and most importantly function on the web. Given Google’s almost mythical bad reputation on the block – they seem to have their own issues waking the beast that is Apple.

Near Future of Apple (Fight or Flight)

Now that Apple has seen the field in which it finds itself, questioning the bugs in its technology –  it may find it second-guessing its identity. Fight or flight? However, the innovative and potent creativity that exists within Apple’s history is enough to say you can never count them out of the race. We look forward to seeing how Apple can return to defining how we see the future arriving in our every day lives. Who knows, maybe we’ve haven’t seen the best of Apple.

Sam BelApple Aesthetic Against Google’s Functionality (The New Definition of UI)