Pros to Live Streaming for Your Business

Utilizing live streaming for your brand or company is not a get rich quick scheme. Like anything else setting up a live stream does take time and actual passion. However if done right, it could make the difference in your business between a ‘No, thanks’ and a ‘Yea, why not’.

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SAM BELPros to Live Streaming for Your Business

Change Font in Hustle WordPress Plugin

When it comes to newsletter plugins, you know how tough it is to get one working, let alone in mobile sites. Hustle does a good job of providing a stable method for obtaining MailChimp subs to your newsletter with great features that aren’t premium. Here is a method for changing the font in the WordPress newsletter plugin ‘Hustle’.

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SAM BELChange Font in Hustle WordPress Plugin

Alert! CraigsList Univision Imposters Target NYC Graphic Designers

When you’re a freelancer, as I have heard from the ones who came before me; applying to jobs is a natural muscle one must flex only a few times a month. It’s simply a way of sharpening your ability to dig up your resume and send over, for fun if anything at all.

Here is a rundown of how this scam works to save you time.

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SAM BELAlert! CraigsList Univision Imposters Target NYC Graphic Designers

Return Authenticity to Your Branding

Let’s face it, we are continually bombarded with thousands of paid commercials daily. Usually overproduced and highly expensive. If you’re a small brand on the come up it might seem like you are falling short. Yet times have changed and this abundance of commercial promotion has come to a standstill. It’s time for the return of authenticity in branding. Here are a few ways to bring the humane touch back to your promos.

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SAM BELReturn Authenticity to Your Branding

7 Reasons Etsy Owners Rock

As an Etsy shop owner you are already one of a kind. You’ve decided to take a seize the day approach to creativity! We admire your independence, innovation and free spirit so here are our 7 reasons why you rock as an Etsy owner!

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SAM BEL7 Reasons Etsy Owners Rock