How to Stay Productive While Working Remotely

As of right now New Jersey State and New York State are both in the States of Emergency. We have celebrities getting the virus and basketball players alike. The gig economy will be challenged, like food delivery might keep companies like Uber afloat, with Uber Eats, a service considered a secondary offer by Uber.

With companies moving to work remotely I think it’s fair to say it’s time to discuss how you can keep yourself focused and how you can still get work done, even without being in a work environment. Here are a few tips!


This doesn’t mean you need to become a certified yogist but keep in mind these are stressful times for everyone. So it might benefit you to begin your day with quiet and mental focus.

Create a Space to Work

We don’t all the budget to completely redesign our home or workspace but finding a place to work, even if in the kitchen is the first step. The second is to make sure your space is clean and inviting. So you can begin your day ready to get the tasks at hand knocked out. The area should be well lit and already have the tools you might need to begin your work. Make it Instagram-able, add a plant or something.

Setting Ground Rules

If you’ve got little ones or family with you, explain to them the situation. You’re technically still at work so minor issues around the house will have to be sorted. Of course, they’re probably already used to sorting those things out on their own. But quiet and understanding from their part might ease a bit of the transition from office work to working from home.

Keeping Your Work in the Loop

Sometimes when we’re working from home, you have to be your tough boss. Keep track of time even more than you would at the office. Note when your lunches will be. And most importantly keep in constant communication with your fellow employees, managers, supervisors, etc. Be the ‘Good morning’ message in the AM, offer support and try to boost the morale in the company your working for as they deal with this transition.



Sam BelHow to Stay Productive While Working Remotely