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I’m Offering Free a IT Support Hotline for Educators in NYC/NJ

Due to the current situation, we’re in as a country and on a global scale. Educators have been utilizing technology to connect with their students and continue teaching them remotely. This has brought some frustrations for educators and for good reason. Many of them were not prepared to make the switch over to remote-only work. So to help any way I can, I’ve made the direct phone number for Sam Bel Freelance Services 1-800-705-1843 an IT Support and Tech Help hotline for any educator or teacher in the NYC/NJ area free of charge.

This is completely free and you do not need anything besides a phone to call in. So please spread the word. There is no limit to how many times you can call it’s simply a way to give back to the educators out there doing their best to keep a level of normalcy for our kids.


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Sam Bel