Bring Your Office Space to Life

Keep Productivity Levels High, Costs Low

Get a complete blueprint for setting up your office. From PC's to cloud setup that will work to keep your office productivity levels high and costs low.

✓ Fast service, in-person service
✓ Reliable, always there for you 365 days out of the year
✓ Affordable at only $65 per/hour per consultant
✓ Organized work, we get the job done right

Why Choose Office Development by Sam Bel?

Save Time

Achieve your business goals and save valuable time so you can focus on building your business.

Save Money

Save hundreds on office development by having the work you need done right the first time.


Expand your business with fine office development that keeps your team prepared for any challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

We handle labor and that’s it. We charge hourly $65 per/hour (for each independent consultant) you cover materials.

There are no contracts to be signed! You pay as you go for all services. If you choose a monthly schedule, you will be billed per week.

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