Pros to Live Streaming for Your Business

Utilizing live streaming for your brand or company is not a get rich quick scheme. Like anything else setting up a live stream does take time and actual passion. However if done right, it could make the difference in your business between a ‘No, thanks’ and a ‘Yea, why not’.

Get Your Customers Excited Again

You are your brand, not the other way around. If you were a plumber, you know you are in a pool of thousands of other plumbers in your area.

How do you stand out?

That same question is what caused your local car dealer to dress up like one of the Avengers.

However similar to many reality shows in the past few years, anything can be made exciting. Seriously anything.

Now you’re thinking, hey now you’re pushing it, a plumber? What business does a plumber have live streaming?

You could have easily said that of mechanics, repossession teams and angry restaurant owners. Gordon Ramsey, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Paul Teutul and his son Paul Jr. of American Choppers prove my point. It’s not what you do but how well you do it. So realize anything can be exciting if you’re excited about doing it.

Build a Network of People You Respect

I’ve written here about toxic groups on social media.

The best way to utilize social media is as a tool to connect with people. Build a network of like-minded folk, even if that means joining a group.

As long as that group doesn’t force you to bend you’re or sacrifice your self-respect or inner peace.

It sounds harsh, but it’s true! Having a smaller supportive group of really positive people around you is way better than a ton of hater ghosts and vultures.

It may take more time to really think about what you’re providing to others. But it will be worth it in the long run.

Further, Sharpen Your Craft

Don’t waste your time not getting better, said the overly strict football coach. But it’s true you can do so much while still ‘chilling’, watch Netflix while you sketch.

Or when your friends need to smoke and hang out, bring the skateboard.

It helps you get better because you’re actually doing that thing, some call it practice.

Yes, we’re talking about practice! Use live streaming to develop your craft in the harshest way possible, you will become furious when trolls question why you’re wasting your time. Do not fret and by episode 300 something, you’ll have something, one solid piece, one good song or one good game. Consistency is key to progress and utilizing a live stream can be your journal.

So know this, setting up a live stream takes time, tinkering, adjusting and editing. It takes the effort to physically set your stream up and stitch to a schedule. You will not be flooded with followers in most cases and you may lose hope, sometimes multiple times a day.

Yet within that grind, there is hope. Having a way to convey to others what your passion is a priceless asset. So have fun with it and see if the live streaming is right for your brand!


Sam BelPros to Live Streaming for Your Business