Startup a Business in 6 Steps

Make a Logo (3-5 hours):

When it comes to designing a logo it’s important to keep in mind what you’ll be getting for that price. There plenty of cheaper alternatives like Fivver for example. Where you can get a logo for as low as $10. But sometimes having a logo made isn’t enough. You need colors selected that work with your branding. You need typography that’s websafe but unique enough for your marketing campaigns. You need a designer who understands how printshops work. So that you can order marketing materials that come out the right way the first time you order. You need to have a working relationship with a designer who understands all of these aspects of the process or you’ll find yourself spending money unnecessarily.

Design a Website (10-14 hours):

Designing a website takes expertise in web technology, an understanding of marketing and an eye for design. Search for web designs in NY or NJ and you’ll see plenty of web design companies who’s own websites look absolutely horrible. I don’t say that to be rude, but their sites are very, very dated.

Offering a service or product now means you need to compete with the big dogs, Coca-Cola, Disney, Netflix, etc. Companies worth billions who can afford awesome designers and agencies to handle their workload. As a new business, you need to be able to compete.

I was that designer agencies would hire to handle this work for the big dog companies. I wanted to bring that power to small business owners to keep them competitive. That’s why I started Sam Bel Business Services.

Your website needs to look good, perform better, hold-back spam, protect your information and the info of your customers, as well as convert traffic in paying customers. Something which is no simple task, so, by all means, shop around for your next designer but make your choice thoughtfully.

Create a Professional Email (2-3 hours)

I’m a fan of Zoho Mail for company email addresses, this is usually my suggestion for clients when they ask me which is best. If you know how to connect your email address with another service that provides an email address with a ( format that will also work. But before you use your personal Gmail address for your business, keep in mind how it would work when you hire employees or get more people involved in your business. Any level of professionalism you can add to the business is worth it.

Open Social Media Accounts (2-3 hours)

Social media plays a huge role in the business world, especially for small business owners. Not because everyone is doing it you need to as well, but because your customers could be on social media as a large portion of the population is. Depending on which social media platforms your target customer might be, you might find it best to focus on that platform. But it’s important to at least try and open an account to reserve that same username before someone else takes it and you have different usernames for different platforms.

Design a Blog

Just because you design a website doesn’t mean your blog is ready to post useful content for your consumers. Blog design also takes expertise. You need to assure your posts are well-formatted, easy to reach and that the content itself will appeal to your target consumer. Will you be collecting emails from your blog? Is there some information you want to keep hidden unless someone signs up? All these are options you will need to consider. Once that is sorted you can run advertisements via Google Adsense and even earn money from the articles you write. You can hire me, or find a writer to create some insightful blog posts that would talk more about your business and provide more value to your readers.

Create a Funnel Page Strategy Using PPC

Now once you’ve designed a logo and a website, you’ll end up here. This is where you’ll find those ads on Facebook with YouTube kids posing behind personal jets saying they’ll scale your business to $3 million in a year. They’re talking about PPC or pay-per-click where you set a monthly budget for advertisement on Google or Facebook, then lead that traffic to your website. You do this in hopes they’ll signup for some sort of free/useful offer, then ask them to schedule a call or reach out. In order to make an effective campaign of this sort, you need to keep in mind a few things. What are your customers’ pain points? What sort of messaging will be most effective? As well as keeping in mind if you have a sustainable budget for marketing. If not you’ll find a bit of difficulty. But if you do have a budget for this, with $1,000 per/month on well-targeted marketing you can do some amazing things. This final step is something you need to revisit and continue perfecting throughout the time you work on your business.

So this is it here, the guide to Startup a Business in 6 Steps, as a business owner, agency designer and business development expert. I really hope this helps!


Sam BelStartup a Business in 6 Steps