7 Reasons Etsy Owners Rock

As an Etsy shop owner you are already one of a kind. You’ve decided to take a seize the day approach to creativity! We admire your independence, innovation, and free spirit so here are our 7 reasons why you rock as an Etsy owner!

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Sam Bel7 Reasons Etsy Owners Rock

6 Ways to Amplify Your Etsy Shop

As an Etsy owner, you know that standing out from the crowd is key. Sure you have the best products in your niche and your competition has got you underestimated – but surely a few tips & tricks won’t hurt. Now you’re wondering what could this blog tell me that I don’t know already, especially since I’m a seasoned Etsy expert. Well from a digital design perspective everything changes, it opens new ways to reach and engage customers you never thoughts you would. So let’s begin with our 10 Ways to Amplify Your Etsy Shop.

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Sam Bel6 Ways to Amplify Your Etsy Shop