Return Authenticity to Your Branding

Let’s face it, we are continually bombarded with thousands of paid commercials daily. Usually overproduced and highly expensive. If you’re a small brand on the come up it might seem like you are falling short. Yet times have changed and this abundance of commercial promotion has come to a standstill. It’s time for the return of authenticity in branding. Here are a few ways to bring the humane touch back to your promos.

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Sam BelReturn Authenticity to Your Branding

3 Reasons to Become a Trend Watcher

Trends are an almost magical wave of excitement or interest that gets placed into a certain idea, item, piece of created content or another object. A trend can be a massive interest in a genre of music or certain designers vision for clothing that gets transcended into a pop-culture icon of the times. Chokers, Mac fever and Nike Jordan’s all fit this category of establishing a brand that produces trends, or attach themselves to one in order to find long-term profitability and brand momentum. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing what a trend is, how to spot it and how to benefit from it.

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Sam Bel3 Reasons to Become a Trend Watcher

Flat, Thin & Minimal Design Making a Comeback

Flat, thin & minimal has reemerged its presence in UI Design and various Graphic Design pieces lately. The question we asked is why did this style of design reappear?

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Sam BelFlat, Thin & Minimal Design Making a Comeback