The Reemergence of the Custom Website

So we’ve been introduced to Wix and Squarespace, do it yourself website builders, sometimes free sometimes charging premium prices for a few years now. Businesses have put their companies well being in the hands of these builders and have seen the lack of results with their own eyes. 2019 is where the custom web design makes a come back here’s why.

Free Sites Cost You Business

It’s a simple matter of fact, you need to be competitive in business. With the way, customers decide where they’ll shop trust goes a long way. So having a website with a ‘built free on Wix’ website can take a toll. It’s not just enough to get it out, your site needs to be functionally, mobile-ready, designed for your business and made to make you money.

Free Sites Aren’t Always Free

Sometimes these sites offer a free service then charge you for a domain, then a monthly charge (which is fine) until you add premium add on’s and end up having to buy functionally like a booking plugin. Why keep adding up the costs? While still doing it yourself. That’s like walking into a five-star restaurant paying upfront and walked into the kitchen to cook every course yourself.

Custom Get’s You the Advantage

The most awesome thing about custom is in the word. It’s tailored and fit to your business needs and that’s more than just a statement that sounds nice. It’s true and the benefits can be seen in the way your website will work for you once digital marketing becomes part of your overall business plan. If phone numbers are the main way you obtain business then having sharpened, fast landing pages to collect numbers. While having your business number prominently displayed on multiple areas of your site could make all the difference.

Don’t risk your business from the promises of free, when all you get is well nothing more than headaches, more work, and less business. Go custom and reap the benefits of your investment.

Go custom!


Sam BelThe Reemergence of the Custom Website