Flat, Thin & Minimal Design Making a Comeback

Flat, thin & minimal has reemerged its presence in UI Design and various Graphic Design pieces lately. The question we asked is why did this style of design reappear?

Info Overload

The truth is we are dealing with information overload. This means designers are now being asked to create a clear, readable, calm way to interact with interfaces. This is understandable because interfaced using 3D effects can be harsh on the user.


We’ve become more social, maybe not in person but online. This means we’re constantly interacting with complex, innovative and unique interfaces. Essentially Application Designers, Graphic Designers, and Interactive Designers depend greatly on their design being easy to understand. Minimalism, using a flat design has proven effective in displaying the appropriate amount of information without taking attention away to pseudo effects of realism.

Minimal Design Makes Technology Friendly

As our everyday lives become more dependent on sharing information, as it is already, we’ll see the way we interact with technology will simplify. This simplification will allow technology to merge with our everyday lives in a more comfortable way. In order for this to take place, designers need to assure that the way their users interact with their work is friendly and easy to engage. This characteristic of ‘ease of engage-ability’ will be a key factor in determining the longevity of a design in the future.

Sam BelFlat, Thin & Minimal Design Making a Comeback