Why Supporting New Designers is Important

As someone experienced in your industry, you’re bound to run into someone in your same field. That someone could be an up and coming designer or just beginner altogether. We’ll be discussing why it’s important to keep an open mind and help aspiring designers.

Rookies Not Noobs

As a Creative Professional or Designer, you’ll inevitably run into someone just beginning to get into the ‘game’. You’ll then be given two choices, do you help this young version of yourself? Or do you take the more self-invested route, play defensive and ignore? You might be tempted to chose the later but in actuality, its better go the helpful route. Here are a few reasons why you might be helping more than just one person when you play the master to the apprentice

Help the Industry

In order to keep any industry or school of art you need to pass down the knowledge. Sometimes it takes going out of your way to not throw doubts and fears towards the newer generation of Designers or Creatives. The benefits aren’t only for the apprentice but for the industry as a whole because those wholehearted design morals and ethics can now be passed on – which ultimately develops into a social or class of Designers with similar respect. Building this cooperative movement can assure this medium will stand the test of time.

Learn About Yourself

Teaching can help you discover more about what your skill or talents are. Could you communicate ideas as lessons of concepts rather than just tasks? It’s a tough method to be able to teach what you yourself have learned to sharpen your own skills – but it works. Sharing the experience of designing to others can be healing and important in discovering how experienced you truly are.

Taking Risks On Others

Have an extra monitor? Donate it. Old keyboards? Give them away. We believe in charity and taking risks on others. If you have someone in your family of the circle of friends that are in the same industry as yourself. Take a risk on them. This could be financial or supportive in other ways, however its important to take the first step in supporting talents of others. The return on this investment is upholding the level of quality and competition within the industry. So what are you waiting for? Put it forward.

Sam BelWhy Supporting New Designers is Important