Wix is Horrible for Business Here’s Why

This article is about breaking the massive myth that the automatic site builder is easy, cheap and efficient. When in reality it’s the complete opposite (expensive, complicated and can cost you new business). From the Wix’s to the SquareSpaces and everything in between. Let’s talk about it!

I’ve been developing sites since I was 17, its been nearly a decade of working with lawyers, doctors, artists, recording studios, accountants and other independent business owners. In the last few years or so the web development world, web designers specifically without a niche market have taken a hit. They keep offering cheaper and cheaper sites until they no longer can sustain the service they are offering.

Yet the awakening happened recently as people who own businesses realize their Wix sites are absolutely horrible and even their WordPress built sites from 2000 need a serious update.

Here are a few reasons why being cheap costs you more in the long-run when investing in your business website.

Free Websites Means You Didn’t Invest in Your Business

When you’re competing for business and your customer sees ‘built for free through Wix’ it expresses a lack of investment in your business. For any independent business owner, what gets you, new clients/customers, is: trust. Building trust is how agreements are made and that is how deals are solidified. So to have a Wix site with a free site label on top along with a horrible layout takes away a level of trust.

Would you provide your personal information to a plumber w/ a free Wix site, or better yet supply your credit card information to one? The logical answer would be no. Then why would you expect other people to find trust in your $100 Wix disaster of a website?

Wix is Extremely Complicated to DIY

After seeing business owners shy away from a professional build I noticed they eventually saw the lack of branding and function in their Wix builds. Eventually, they approached me to build them a site, so I took some time to discover more about Wix. Maybe I had something wrong and it’s evolved from the odd web builder from way back in the day with the weird star logo. What I found was a platform with windows and fields popping up from every section of the site. With tons of variations for every single piece of content, it’s no wonder why people opt to hire a professional eventually. The idea you can go from never having built a site to using a complex web builder isn’t realistic.

Sure I can YouTube how to build myself a car but chances are I would go to a dealer to have something ready for me to drive. Wix and other platforms convince those without solid businesses that they can learn on the spot about UI with a focus on marketing, branding and website better practices overnight hoping to save them a few dollars upfront. While never explaining they’ll be missing on out on money in the future.

Expanding/Edits, Changes are Brutal in Wix

As much as I wish this wasn’t the case, it’s tough explaining how limited certain builds can be using Wix. Of course, if you have an e-commerce website with thousands of products a custom coded site is best. When it comes to business websites WordPress works amazing (65% of sites online agree) yet with Wix, they just recently offered a booking function. Like a week ago. With lots of other custom functionality being monthly add on’s for a price. So instead of investing money in developers within an open community like WordPress and being able to judge which is best with plenty of competition to keep updates/innovation flowing. They are stacking monthly payments on you while you still do all the work.

As an example, you end up having to learn the ins and outs of mechanics (not because you love cars) but because you want to drive to Wendy’s for a burger. The burger is the results you want, the ability to get customers through a well built, sharp-looking, well-branded site.

It’s the same reason I hire a plumber for leaky faucets and broken boilers. They have the tools and experience to get the job done. Because what I want to a solution to the problem, I don’t want to learn about plumbing.

I hope this article helps and if you have a Wix site already it’s not too much to hire a pro to redesign your site. It’s an investment like anything else. It’s the only way you can build a castle, stone by stone, brick by brick. Keep this in mind and don’t opt the cheap alternative or the quick fix to something so important. Especially not when your business depends on it. Why spend money every month on a service that has control of your domain name, site and content when you can invest in creating assets that belongs to you and your business alone.

So keep this in mind! Happy building and remember it’s never too late to create the site you need for today and for years to come.

Sam BelWix is Horrible for Business Here’s Why