Can Anyone Learn Web Design? Yes, Here’s How

Which Web Design Software is Best for Beginners? Which Web Design Software Is the Best? Where to Learn Web Design for Free?

The answer to all these questions is WordPress. WordPress accounts for nearly 80% percent of all websites online. Of course, there are a few other CMS or (Content Managing Systems) however no other WP alternative has the same amount of support. There is a massive WordPress community, with professionals like myself who have been using WP for more than ten years. It started as just a way to put together a blog. However, it turned into a powerhouse for web development because it was open source and so many talented developers worked on it as a collective. You can now find plugins, usually for free to do nearly anything. Sometimes these plugins require premium signup. But if you find the code a certain developer wrote perfect for your business, or project, then support them and get it. WordPress is the way to go when it comes to learning how to create your own website.

Can You Do Web Design from Home? Can You Do Web Design on an Ipad? Can I Learn Web Design Online? Can You Do Web Design on a Chromebook?

Yes, you can learn web design from home. Just like you can learn guitar from home. To become a professional it will take some time. You need to begin taking the steps now. Everything begins with getting started. But you will need to put in the effort to learn what you need to get the skills necessary to develop a website for yourself or others. Luckily there is so much information available on the internet for any issue you might encounter. I personally don’t suggest working from an Ipad to design a website. However do cross-check how ‘responsive’ or how your website looks on an Ipad every chance you get. This way you can make sure what you’re designing that might look good on a desktop, will also look good for people viewing on a tablet. You can definitely do webdesign, or rather, you can develop a website on a Chromebook. This is because most of the software you’ll be using is hosted elsewhere and not on your Chromebook. If you need photoshop however and are using the Adobe Cloud be sure to check if your Chromebook is compatible with regards to specs.

So I hope this article helps to answer some of your questions regarding starting to learn how to develop a website! If you have any questions use the message box in the corner.

Sam BelCan Anyone Learn Web Design? Yes, Here’s How